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About Shubri


‘Shubri simplifies your purchasing decisions’

From the time we wake up in the morning, to the time we end our day, our life circles around food. Outside of home cooked meal, we consume a variety of packaged, ready to eat, ready to cook, processed, semi processed and fortified food (the list continues). With so many options to pick in a typical food store, who do we turn to before we make a buying or a cooking decision for our family?

Shubri Ratings- How we do it?

‘Every product has a unique experience’

With Shubri (“शबरी”), we wish to become a trusted recommendation resource for packaged food products. As we build our database of reviews and ratings on various food products, our readers will be able to have an access to what people have liked or disliked about a product.

Most of us, before buying or trying new items, depend on what someone we trust has to say about it. Many a times when we go on our own and later find that the product is not any close to what we imagined, we find ourselves immensely disappointed on having spent the time and the money on it. Food is one thing, we always want to be right about lest it just sits in the pantry and lives to expiry.

Every rating matters!

Our readers can contribute by reviewing the listed products at Shubri and rating them against four parameters – Taste, Quality, Healthy and Value for Money. These four parameters are the person’s perception of the product once they have tried it, whether or not they are an expert in the field. Since all the four parameters – are quintessential in rating the product for a typical consumer, we have given equal weightage to each one of it.
These parameters can be rated from 1 to 10

We do not encourage fake reviews.

Shubri Ratings represents what people like about the packaged food products that they have tried. This, in no way, serves as a guide in advising for making healthy choices, but only an informed one.

  • User Rating – signifies an average of overall rating that the readers/visitors have given to the food products.
  • Expert Rating – signifies an average of overall rating that the experts have given to the food products. Read more about our experts

Shubri provides 2 badges to the food products based on Consumer and Expert Ratings

BEST CHOICE: Products that rated high by both Experts and consumers

AVOID: Products that are rated low by Experts whether or not they are popular with consumers

  • Product Reviews

At Shubri we provide a platform wherein our listed contributors can share their stories and reviews on packaged food products thereby helping our readers, to make better purchasing decisions, and help companies, by providing a credible feedback.