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month : 08/2019 2 results

Pregnancy News: Taboos Around Pregnancy

All across the globe, there are pregnancy food taboos. Eat this and don’t eat that is heard very often in every household. Everyone tends to provide a pregnancy tip during the pregnancy period. All individuals whether rural or urban have their own cultural practices on pregnancy care. With respect to food, Pregnant women especially need a nutritious diet and many taboos surround them at this point in their life.Taboos are in fact characterized as a practice which are approved or considered ...

Douwe Egberts Pure Gold Instant Coffee (Medium Roast): Premium Product Review

I wasn’t much of a coffee lover till two coffees happened to me – Cart Noire and Douwe Egberts (both owned by the same person- Jacobs Douwe Egberts). Further still, now I know exactly how I like my coffee. Some of you reading this might think why talk of something so well known, like Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t need an introduction. Because Douwe Egberts has been in the coffee business for over 260 years! All those people who love to travel, would have come in touch with this splendid ...