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6 Foods That Kids Should Avoid


In this world of instant gratification, instant food has become a norm. But, as parents we know that manufactured and processed food lack nutritive value. We give way to it sometimes, and that leads to children missing out on essential nutrients required for proper growth and function.

Here are 6 foods that kids should avoid.


1. Fruity Candies or Snacks


We have heard of the fruit snacks which come in forms of candies or loops. Many huge companies add the ‘fruit’ to give it’s health quotient but it still remain a packaged nightmare. From the cakes to the candies are filled with sugar which stick to your teeth and cause decay and other flues.


2. Sugary Cereals

With all the health jargon on the boxes, the consumer is often fooled. There is very low fibre in a cereal box and high levels of sugar. The box should contain less than 10 grams of sugar, anything above this is not recommended to consume.


3. French Fries

The booming fast food joints in every corner, makes it difficult to escape from the all time kid’s favourite- french fries. Not only does it have trans fats and calories but it is addictive in nature. Fries are known to dominate the palate. Try to get the little ones use to home cooked baked fries which have some fibre and potassium in it.


4. Fizzy and Sports Drinks

We all know what happens with the coca colas, pepsi and their variants. The health risks are really bad; many kids end up obese. Not to forget the looming threat of cavities. We need to inculcate the habit of having fresh juices, milk and water.

After a session of football, we choose to give them a sports drink. NO! Their body needs water to replenish and sports drinks don’t add any nutritive value oppose to all the advertisements.


5. Noodles

I haven’t heard of children who don’t like noodles..but the fact is noodles are low on nutrition and high on sodium, trans fat and flour ( maida). Not to forget the starch. It also contains some harmful chemicals which can interfere with your child’s physical and mental development. Packaged noodles is processed and should be given to your child.


6. Cheese

There is such a thing as too much cheese. Even though cheese is a great source of calcium and protein, the amount/portion has to be monitored. A slice of cheese may contain over 100 calories and 10 grams of fat, so too much of it is not recommended. Cheese can be high in saturated fat, which is why you need to watch portion sizes carefully. It’s recommended that 1-3 year olds don’t have more than 2g of salt a day. This rises to 3g for 4-6 year olds.


Not only do we need to monitor the sugar or sodium content but we also need to see the fat intake or the chemicals included in the food. It is paramount to check the ingredients or the nutritional facts on each box before purchasing any packaged food.



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