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A Mum’s Record Of Diet To Fight Dehydration



Dehydration can be a very concerning thing for all mothers. On a hot sunny summer day, my 4 year old daughter fell sick with these symptoms –

  • Stomach cramps or Griping
  • Bloating or heaviness in stomach
  • Loose stools/ Loose motions (3 to 5 times a day)
  • Vomiting (once a day)
  • Flatulence
  • Fatigue
  • A dull child

Took her to a doctor and as feared, she needed medication.  In the meanwhile, the doctor prescribed her to be on mostly rice based meals and asked me to keep her on lot of fluids. But fluids don’t mean fruit juices or even plain water. Fruit Juices don’t have the necessary amount of Sugar and Salt to help in dehydration which is why the doctors prescribe a special formula called ORS – oral rehydration solution.

So while the medicines and ORS did their bit, I had a mammoth task to prepare something that she would relish and most importantly, retain!

Here is a record of what I prepared for her that I thought some of you might benefit from* –

(8:00 AM)
(10:00 AM)
(12:00 PM)
Post Lunch
(2:00 PM)
Evening snack
(4:00 PM)
(7:00 PM)
Day 1
Half cup Diluted curd – Chaach with some roasted jeera(cumin) and black salt Half mashed Banana Water sieved from Rice cooked in loads of water (Rice:Water = 1:4) along side very small portion of a boiled potato Half cup Boiled Pomegranate, strained and served lukewarm Nimbu paani popsicle Water sieved from Moong Chilka (Moong Split) Daal cooked in loads of water (Daal: Water= 1:3) with one fourth of a chapatti cut into small pieces and soaked in it for 5-8 mins
Day 2 Small cup of Coconut water Light upma cooked with boiled potato Moong Daal khichadi (rice:daal = 4tsp:2tsp) with little coriander Diluted curd – Chaach Half Banana cut into small pieces Moong daal khichadi

(rice:daal = 4 tsp:1tsp) cooked with little bottle guard

Day 3 Half cup curd with roasted Jeera (cumin) and black salt Soft part of bread (sides cut) lightly toasted with small amount butter Pumpkin (Kaddoo ki sabji) with curd rice One small cup Water melon/canteloupe Nimbu paani popsicle/ 2 crackers Tinda (apple guard)/ simple curry based aloo sabji with a  soft wheat roti (chappati)


*Note that I tried to serve everything in small quantities including the fluids such as coconut water/chaach/lemonade with little sugar. It is vital that Rice are cooked thoroughly well (link). All vegetables I prepared were low in fat and spices (I restricted spices to – salt, black pepper powder, cumin powder and turmeric)

The idea was to prepare light meals that are easily digestible. Note that as the days progressed from first to third, I introduced more vegetables. Milk is a very dicey item as it can worsen flatulence or may not get digested at all. If there is a hidden stomach infection, milk can be a terrible idea. So I stayed clear of it.

After Day 3 and also because of the medicines I assume, my daughter felt better and I introduced milk based items such as Milk-Porridge, Suji Kheer and Milk-biscuits on consecutive mornings along with soft wheat rotis to go with light vegetable preparations.


Disclaimer: Please take the advice of your doctor before considering this diet.


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