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Dr Sana Wadhwa


‘Comprehensive Orthodontic care means creating a perfect balance between innovative science and realistic expectations and to deliver each with deep compassion and trust. I strive to do this every day. The intent is to craft not just beautiful smiles, but well balanced faces while being mindful of the boundaries set by nature. The outcome is great smiles and happy patients, who carry themselves with confidence.’ Having treated 500+ patients from over 20 countries, Dr. Sana Wadhwa has extensive clinical experience and has assisted on complex dental surgeries as well. She has completed observership at top dental practices in the US and incorporates global best practices in her work here in India. An expert in cosmetic dentistry, she also has several celebrity smiles to her credit. "Food and nutrition are central in shaping the oral health. Your oral health reflects your food choices as well as your overall well being"

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3 Food Tips to Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy

Good Food Choice & Dental Routine go a Long Way in a Child's Dental Health As children grow up, more care is needed in maintaining their oral health. Most children get all their baby teeth by age 3. These teeth start falling out around age 6, and the permanent teeth come in to take their place. Gaps between baby teeth are normal, they are actually making place for the permanent teeth. By 13 years of age, all permanent teeth should have come in. Here are a few tips to maintain your ...