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True Covid Story: The Greatest Lesson I Learnt

Stuff you should know if someone in your family has Covid-19. And Food tips to prevent it.CORONA or COVID -19, a virus that unprecedentedly halted the world and slowed down global economy. And mid of March, India too announced its first Lockdown. Ved, my son, was in the Hostel in Manipal. It was a big worry to get him home. Somehow we managed to get him a flight, and what a relief we felt to have him with us. We were all then happily working from home. Managing without domestic help and ...

Specialty on Shubri : Yerba Maté Tea from South America

Pass it on like you would a Sutta or a Hukka and Make Friends! “Please, I tell you – you are not supposed to stir it. This is not the regular tea. You have to let it rest for few minutes, sip it and please pass it on”. This is Claudio, our Italian tour guide speaking passionately about his favorite beverage. We are in Buenos Aires, the city that literally means “good winds”. He is sharing with us how to prepare and have the drink, people in Argentina love to connect on – Yerba Mate ...

5 Hacks for Shopping at Supermarket

Time spent at the supermarket is directly proportional to the junk we pick It was a regular Sunday morning and we had our big shopping plans. Shopping at the hypermarket nearby for the daily needs also known as “The Bread Anda shopping ;)” . We had plans to be in and out of the store in 10 mins flat and we landed up spending almost up-to an hour if not less. Only if I had my SUPERMARKET HACKS handy. Time spent at the supermarket is directly proportional to the junk we pick. When people ...

6 Foods That Kids Should Avoid

In this world of instant gratification, instant food has become a norm. But, as parents we know that manufactured and processed food lack nutritive value. We give way to it sometimes, and that leads to children missing out on essential nutrients required for proper growth and function. Here are 6 foods that kids should avoid.   1. Fruity Candies or Snacks         We have heard of the fruit snacks which come in forms of candies or loops. Many huge companies add the ...