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Why Cooking With Family Is a Great Idea

  Last Saturday I was scrolling down a famous social networking site and there I saw a picture of a leading actor Akshay Kumar cooking with his kids. One could make out how much fun they were having. How many of us would agree that cooking if done in a right way and environment works as a therapy. Cooking not only gets the cook and the people being fed closer to each other but you will also understand their preferences and liking's more than anyone else. “Food tastes better when ...

My Verdict On Maggi Noodles

Maggi has been one of the favourite breakfast option for kids and adults alike since the time it was launched (in 80's) in India. With its simple preparation and lingering taste, the instant noodles often came to the rescue for hostel students and also for those who were least interested in cooking. What I like: It is one of the best comfort food, it just takes 2 minutes to cook – best food for all the hungry souls. It can be customized too like you can add any ingredient that appeals to ...