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3 Food Tips to Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy

Good Food Choice & Dental Routine go a Long Way in a Child's Dental Health As children grow up, more care is needed in maintaining their oral health. Most children get all their baby teeth by age 3. These teeth start falling out around age 6, and the permanent teeth come in to take their place. Gaps between baby teeth are normal, they are actually making place for the permanent teeth. By 13 years of age, all permanent teeth should have come in. Here are a few tips to maintain your ...

5 Hacks for Shopping at Supermarket

Time spent at the supermarket is directly proportional to the junk we pick It was a regular Sunday morning and we had our big shopping plans. Shopping at the hypermarket nearby for the daily needs also known as “The Bread Anda shopping ;)” . We had plans to be in and out of the store in 10 mins flat and we landed up spending almost up-to an hour if not less. Only if I had my SUPERMARKET HACKS handy. Time spent at the supermarket is directly proportional to the junk we pick. When people ...

Make Your Child’s Birthday Party Healthy This Year

Birthday Parties need not be all about junk food. Last evening I returned from a birthday party with my daughter. She had had a lot of fun but as we sat in the car, she complained of having eaten too much and that her stomach hurt.  So what did she eat -- Cheese Pizza, Popcorns, Potato fries, Hakka noodles, chicken nuggets, pasta, a creamy cake and bottled juice. Does it not resonate with most birthday parties? In fact the menu is a constant and the children look forward to the same menu in ...

You Have Been Cooking Rice All Wrong!

How have you been cooking rice? You wash it, boil it in appropriate amount of water, let it stand for some and it is ready. It even looks fluffy.   But have you tried the rub-rule after you think it is done? When you rub cooked rice against your two fingers, you will notice the grain still feels and is not a smooth rub. Alert! This rice is not properly cooked! If you have a little one, you need to remember that this kind of rice could cause painful tummy issues. You need ...