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Douwe Egberts Pure Gold Instant Coffee (Medium Roast): Premium Product Review


I wasn’t much of a coffee lover till two coffees happened to me – Cart Noire and Douwe Egberts (both owned by the same person- Jacobs Douwe Egberts). Further still, now I know exactly how I like my coffee.

Some of you reading this might think why talk of something so well known, like Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t need an introduction. Because Douwe Egberts has been in the coffee business for over 260 years! All those people who love to travel, would have come in touch with this splendid coffee in Europe, although it is retailed in several other countries as well. But I have got to tell you there are people still in the dark (read in Monday blues) who need enlightenment (read a good cup of coffee)!

Douwe Egberts Pure Gold Freeze Dried Instant Coffee

Have it for…

  • Since I didn’t start as a coffee lover, I don’t enjoy too bitter (very strong) or too watery (less milk) preparations. When one spoon of DE Coffee mixes with a cup of hot milk, the mild roasted coffee turns out to be of just the right flavor and surprisingly creamy. So you really don’t need to beat the coffee at all!  By mixing the coffee in 2 teaspoons of hot water before adding hot milk, helps shoot the aroma  and flavor even further.
  • The coffee comes in an airtight glass jar that can be reused as storage. Since it is freeze dried coffee, it requires that the coffee is stored in a sealed container at all times.

Leave it for…

  • It is expensive in India folks and somehow not easily available in stores!
  • INR 900 for 90 Gms in stores in India. Online, the price rises depending on where you are importing it from.

I have been having this coffee for over 3 years now. The quality and the taste of the coffee has been consistent. Also that when I want to celebrate alone, I open a Douwe Egberts!



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