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Dr. Sumedha Wadhwa

Consultant Aesthetic Surgeon

Dr. Sumedha Wadhwa is a surgeon by profession and strongly believes that we should all strive to be the best versions of ourselves.

Having treated 1000+ patients from different socio-economic backgrounds and having worked in both government and private hospitals, Dr. Sumedha Wadhwa has an extensive surgical experience. After completing her post-graduation at the top of her class in General Surgery, Dr. Wadhwa pursued her interest in plastic surgery, cosmetic/ aesthetic surgery, cosmetic dermatology and lasers, Cosmetic Gynaecology and is trained and certified in Hair Transplant Surgery.

Dr. Wadhwa is registered with the Delhi Medical Council and is an active member of Breast Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery Association (BRASA).

Learn more about her on www.drsumedhawadhwa.com

"We should all strive to be the best versions of ourselves and do anything & everything that makes us feel good. It is only when you feel good from inside, you can exude the confidence on the outside."