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Dipika Singhal

Dipika Singhal

  • dipi.singhal@gmail.com

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Dipika Singhal, graduate in dietetics: experienced in regulation of diet and human nutrition in both community and clinical settings. Also have a keen interest in trying out different new food recipes for my children and family using the upcoming food items in the market. I also often indulge my children in grocery shopping helping them to know the nutritive value of the food products and making a correct choice in selection and eating.

Reviewed by Dipika Singhal

"Tasty but not healthy"

Not only children even adults consume nutella very often as a spread on bread or on waffles etc. Though it has hazelnuts and some key nutrients, it is not very nutritious as it is very high in calories, sugar and fats. Eating in moderation and not on daily basis will be a good choice.

Reviewed by Dipika Singhal

"High in proteins, low fat, lactose and sugar free"

Soy milk is a plant based milk. It is good for people who are lactose intolerant. It is less in calories and sugar free so again a healthy choice for people who are into weight loss. It is also high in isoflavins which is again very beneficial for the body.