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I was a Proud Mom. Proud until I was not.

This Mother’s Day, May 10 2020, I celebrated 5th year of being a mother. And I also celebrated the ever growing realization, and a happy one, that I haven’t been a perfect Mom.

They say, emotionally, a child thinks that she is still a physical part of you till she turns 5. Well, in my experience now, I have begun to think it was me, the mother, who unknowingly believed that the child was a part of my physical body up until now.

Are you following me?

When I feel cold, I get an extra layer to cover her.

When I feel warm, I peel a layer of clothing from her.

When I am hungry, I coax her to eat more.

If I am not hungry, I say – how the hell are you still hungry!

To an extent, I’d get her the toys “I” would like to play with (of course the assumption was she will enjoy them because I am finding them fun!). I got her “my” favorite doggy and we called the soft-toy Jackson because “I” liked the name. I got her the paints I never had in my childhood. The books I wanted to read. The colors I wanted her to wear. I even argued with my husband as to why “I” should be getting her a doll house.

And in all honesty, I thought I need to help her, she doesn’t have a mind of her own.

I guess it was also me playing “toddler” all over again. Wow! Aren’t we lucky (if you are a Parent reading this) that we get to live childhood twice in our lives.

In the middle of all this, there was also a sense in me that wanted to be so involved in every moment and everything she was doing. Did she walk? Did she just pick up 4 when I asked her to pick number 4? Did she just hold the cup and have water on her own? Did she …. Picture time!!! picture… one more picture… click click click. And my phone is full! grrr…

Buy more memory.

Did she just read P A P A …Papa? Picture!

Wrote Mom I love you… Picture! And SHARE!

share on Facebook, Insta, whatsapp.. anyone left who will feel bad if I didn’t share this cute one? of course everyone!

I took all those pictures, spent hours creating an album, decorating it painstakingly. Repeating all over when my laptop froze. Loved it when Vistaprint sent the album home. So much that I made everyone go through it. Family . Friends. It was My favorite coffee table book.

I was a Proud Mamma. (And I felt I was the perfect Mom)

Proud until I was not!

With this blog I want to share my journey of how I discovered some of the things regarding Child Nutrition I was unknowingly ignoring. Some things I should have been aware of from the beginning. What were those challenges, What did I do about them, What resources I referred, Finally what I learnt.

Please don’t judge me. For all its worth, I was trying to give her my best.

But if this journey rhymes with yours. And you want other new Mommys to learn from yours too, help me enhance this blog. Share your journey with me on – perfectmomconfessions@gmail.com.

If you think I am doing a good job or you think I can do better, share your love and feedback as well.

Here are the topics, that I will keep updating, as we go along

1. Gaining Weight

2. Gaining Height

3. Immunity

4. Nutrition in Children

Stay with me.



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