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Make Your Child’s Birthday Party Healthy This Year


Birthday Parties need not be all about junk food.

Last evening I returned from a birthday party with my daughter. She had had a lot of fun but as we sat in the car, she complained of having eaten too much and that her stomach hurt.  So what did she eat — Cheese Pizza, Popcorns, Potato fries, Hakka noodles, chicken nuggets, pasta, a creamy cake and bottled juice. Does it not resonate with most birthday parties? In fact the menu is a constant and the children look forward to the same menu in all parties.

In a lot of homes, a birth day begins by going to a temple or donating some items to the needy to get their blessings. But throwing a treat to our friends and family is perpetual.  An average party these days has a minimum of 15 to 20 children. So while the parents pay a lot of attention to the décor and games, the design of the cake and return gifts, a major part of the event is left to the organizer to worry – the food. Shouldn’t we be taking the responsibility of the tiny tummies we feed, on our child’s most celebrated day?

So this year, promise your child a healthy birthday. So he/she has a healthy year. And so will all their friends.

Here are some fabulous ideas for a healthy treat on your child’s birthday party-

  1. Mini Golgappas filled with khata meetha Pom Pom Juice
  2. Corn and palak rolls
  3. Date tart
  4. Banana wheat crepes


Have any ideas/recipes to share to make children’s party super healthy and super special?

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