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What comes to your mind when you think of the best street food in Delhi? Chaat, golgappe, pakode, dahi bhalle or kachori, right? Well, how about steaming hot momos? Yes, the good ol’ momo, has become one of the most loved street food in the Capital. In actuality, momos, or dumplings, as our Chinese counterparts would call the dish, are not that old in the city’s gastronomical culture. They were brought here by a Tibetan lady, Dolma, in 1986. She set up a stall selling these odd-looking snacks in Lajpat Nagar that year, and the rest was history. She sold her veg and chicken dumplings as ‘Dolma Aunty ke momos’, and set the trend for others to follow suit, even though gradually. Nowadays, almost every street in Delhi has a stall or two selling the high on ‘maida’ food item.

So, what is it that makes this dish most appealing to people? If we go by what youngsters say, it is the juicy fillings inside the dumpling, along with the spicy red chutney, that makes them want to devour an entire plate of momos. People who are somewhat health conscious go for the steaming variety, while others love the fried version of the dish.

Although momos had a humble beginning in only veg and chicken flavours, over the years, other varieties have become quite popular, such as paneer, as well as soya momos. And ever since QD’s in Satya Niketan introduced the finger-licking tandoori momo to Delhi’s overwhelming Punjabi palate, there has been a flood of reinventions of momos. You now have the traditionally white dumplings in flavours such as wheat, achaari, corn, mushroom, chicken lehsuni, afghani, cheese, Schezwan, aloo, mutton rogan josh, hazelnut, Vodka-flavoured momos, rice momos and kurkure momos. Phew! That is a lot of flavours to choose from.

In fact, there are now food festivals dedicated solely to the Tibetan delicacy too. Apart from that, restaurants such as Wow Momo have also upped the culinary quotient and demand for the dish. Truly, the momo scene in the Capital, as well as in the country, has exploded and how! We bet you also can’t help but grab a plate or two of fiery hot momos after reading about them. So, get a succulent bite today!


An editor by profession with an experience of 13 years, I also happen to be a big time foodie. That explains my fascination with writing about all things related to food. Being a Punjabi, I love my usual butter chicken, dal makhani and naan, but I am always open to trying out different cuisines too. Since I have started blogging, you will get to see a lot more of me here. Stay tuned!

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