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My 5 New Favourites


Starters by Bingo:

In a bid to give competition to the healthy brand of chips from Too Yumm, Bingo has also jumped onto the ‘baked snacks’ bandwagon. Its new range of chips – Starters – is something that dieters will love as it is baked, made from pulses, and is high on dietary fiber. Coming in four flavours – Masala, Chatpata, Mint and Peppery, the chips seem more like mini papads, but they are quite light, with sharp tastes that complement their flavours. Definitely a good snacking option!

Price: Rs.20

Dipsters by Snackible – Masala Ragi Chips:

Snackible is another brand that dishes out healthy snacking options. I tried their Masala Ragi Chips, which is one of their range of Dipsters. The chips, which are baked, are medium spicy, but come with a soothing creamy cheese dip. The dip does help to tone down the spice quite a bit. This is definitely a much better alternative to the high on carbs fried chips from other brands.

Price: Rs.35 per pack

Rage Coffee:

A relatively new brand, this coffee, true to its name, will make you go raging for more! Labelled it as ‘world’s first plant-based vitamins coffee’, Rage packs quite a punch with healthy ingredients such as panax ginseng, ginkgo biloba, rhodiola rosea and bacopa monieri, apart from Arabica coffee beans. After having just a cup of this coffee, you will feel more awake, alert, focussed and would not feel fatigued until a good 4 to 5 hours. Have it black or with milk and sugar.

Price: Rs.499 for a 100gms pack

Hot Brew by Sleepy Owl:

Sleepy Owl is a brand that is quickly becoming synonymous with high quality coffee that you can make right in the comfort of your home or office. After their hit products such as the overnight cold brew that comes in various flavours, they have now launched the hot brew. Interestingly, you would not have to brew this coffee overnight as it is of the instant variety. Surprisingly, it comes in a special brew bag, which you have to dip in hot water, just like a tea bag! The taste is quite smooth and the aroma is akin to what you might find at a premium cafe like Starbucks. A must try indeed!

Price: Rs. 300 for a pack of 10 brew bags

Premium Dark Choco Sticks by Gone Mad:

To be honest, this product took me by surprise, that too a pleasant one! Instead of the usual high on sugar chocolaty wafer sticks that you get from other brands, this one had a pure dark chocolate taste. It is slightly bitter, but with a hint of sweetness as well. This is the perfect accompaniment with a hot cup of coffee. Otherwise, you can get creative and stick it in a cup of vanilla or chocolate ice cream for yourself or your kids! They also come in other flavours such as coffee, badam, cashew and strawberry.

Price: Rs. 50 for a pack of 5 sticks



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