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Pregnancy News: Taboos Around Pregnancy


All across the globe, there are pregnancy food taboos. Eat this and don’t eat that is heard very often in every household. Everyone tends to provide a pregnancy tip during the pregnancy period. All individuals whether rural or urban have their own cultural practices on pregnancy care. With respect to food, Pregnant women especially need a nutritious diet and many taboos surround them at this point in their life.Taboos are in fact characterized as a practice which are approved or considered legitimate by a society.Here are a few food taboos across the world:


There are religious taboos and in India the cow (beef) is prohibited. However, the products of the cow are given graciously such as milk,cheese etc and considered very important during pregnancy days. In Papua New Guinea, women are prohibited from eating fresh meat or fruits which are red in color. The reason is that these fruits or meat is believed to be unhealthy and not good for the mother to be.


In Nigeria, according to popular belief, children will transform into thieves if they are fed with eggs and coconut milk. Eggs has been associated with new life in general, even though the connection is quite obvious the taboos is prevalent. In Indonesia, the eggs of a chicken are not allowed for an expecting mother. It is believed that it lengthens the time for delivery of baby.


We all know alcohol consumption is injurious to health. Many doctors and gynecologists across the globe share alcohol consumption effects with pregnant women. The side effects are adverse for the unborn child. However, a Danish study indicated that 5 glasses of wine in a week is fine for a pregnant lady. Whichever way, alcohol is a taboo and mostly all women adhere by not consuming it.

Hot and Cold Foods

Hot food such as papaya, banana, pineapple, red chilies, jack fruit, meats are believed to be harmful for the mother. Most women have heard that Papaya and Pineapple have to be avoided as they cause miscarriage of baby. On the contrary, these food are advised to be consumer post delivery. Cold foods such as yogurts and some vegetables are recommended during pregnancy.

Many taboos, for men and women, center around major life events–pregnancy and birth, death, coming-of-age ceremonies and illness. Pregnancy is a memorable one and with food taboos and unsolicited advice, it gets a tad harder.





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