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Sofit Soya Milk – Sugar Free

by Hershey India Pvt Ltd
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A delicious drink, SOFIT Soya Milk is a great way to kick-start your day.

This soya milk is enriched with Soy Proteins, Omega-3, Vitamins & Calcium. Cholesterol free. Gluten free. 

Nutritional Information: (Per 200 ml)

Energy – 68.8KCal, Fat – 3.2 g, Carbs – 3.6 g, Protein – 6.4g

Ingredients: Purified water and Soyabeans (16.5%). Contains Added Flavour – Natural, Nature Identical and Artificial Flavoring Substances (Vanilla)


  Expert Rating : 1 review

9 /10 High in proteins, low fat, lactose and sugar free

Reviewed by Dipika Singhal

"High in proteins, low fat, lactose and sugar free"

Soy milk is a plant based milk. It is good for people who are lactose intolerant. It is less in calories and sugar free so again a healthy choice for people who are into weight loss. It is also high in isoflavins which is again very beneficial for the body.

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Sugar Free SOFIT Soya Milk