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Why Cooking With Family Is a Great Idea

  Last Saturday I was scrolling down a famous social networking site and there I saw a picture of a leading actor Akshay Kumar cooking with his kids. One could make out how much fun they were having. How many of us would agree that cooking if done in a right way and environment works as a therapy. Cooking not only gets the cook and the people being fed closer to each other but you will also understand their preferences and liking's more than anyone else. “Food tastes better when ...

What is GM Food?

Do you like the most of us think that you have never eaten a GM food ever? It's time you need to think again since GM food is everywhere in our food supply! GM Foods or Genetically Modified foods are bio-engineered foods which are produced from organisms that have had changes introduced into their DNA using the methods of genetic engineering. In simple terms they are not made out of the natural occurring food. Are GM food not good for us? The answer is Yes and No. The density of food ...