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Samosa Pe Bharosa

Have you ever given a second thought while relishing your piping hot samosas and pakode with your evening masala tea? I’m sure not, as snacks such as these have been highly ingrained in the Indian psyche since quite a long time. What one forgets is that all such desi savories fall under the category of ‘junk food’. Now, junk food is basically all such food items that are high on taste and calories, but quite low on nutritional value. In the Western context, these include eatables such as ...


What comes to your mind when you think of the best street food in Delhi? Chaat, golgappe, pakode, dahi bhalle or kachori, right? Well, how about steaming hot momos? Yes, the good ol’ momo, has become one of the most loved street food in the Capital. In actuality, momos, or dumplings, as our Chinese counterparts would call the dish, are not that old in the city’s gastronomical culture. They were brought here by a Tibetan lady, Dolma, in 1986. She set up a stall selling these odd-looking ...