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True Covid Story: The Greatest Lesson I Learnt


Stuff you should know if someone in your family has Covid-19. And Food tips to prevent it.

CORONA or COVID -19, a virus that unprecedentedly halted the world and slowed down global economy. And mid of March, India too announced its first Lockdown.

Ved, my son, was in the Hostel in Manipal. It was a big worry to get him home. Somehow we managed to get him a flight, and what a relief we felt to have him with us. We were all then happily working from home. Managing without domestic help and toggling between work & home. May be this was the work life balance that CORONA taught us.


This is How it Started

CORONA was coming closer despite lockdown. Everyday there would be news that our nearing residential complex has a new COVID positive case. A nearby shop closed as someone who was COVID positive had visited the shop. These news were disturbing at first and then became routine. We had now moved into Lockdown 2.0.

Custom Clearing Services had been categorized as essential services. Kamlesh, my husband, owns a custom clearing business. He majorly deals in bulk drugs and perfumery compounds. Our car was decorated with his Essential Services Pass and Kamlesh started going to work regularly. Our routine during those days was fixed. Make an elaborate breakfast for Kamlesh, pack his meals for the day, enough water for the day and some juice to keep him hydrated in the scorching heat at his workplace. He would be fully covered from head to toe, in his cap, glasses, mask, gloves and bottle of sanitizer to keep him away from this evolving virus.

When he returned home we would spray sanitizer on him as he would stand in the lobby. His clothes would be soaked in Hot water and disinfectant and he would get completely sanitized before eating food. We were doing our best to keep away from COVID-19, but the day came when Kamlesh returned home complaining about feeling feverish.

Now we all were a bit shaken (it is an understatement).  After consulting with our regular physician, we went for a COVID Assessment.


COVID Testing has 3 Steps – Screening, Assessment and Testing

During Screening, you give a self-declaration about your travel history and the symptoms you have.

Assessment is bit detailed as the doctors check your BP, Temperature, Oxygen saturation level. If all parameters are okay, you are sent home and no test is recommended. Kamlesh underwent these assessments thrice and we were sent back home. Instead a Malarial Parasite test was prescribed. On the 2nd of June, his Malarial Parasite test reports came in, and they were negative.

Kamlesh continued to get fever with no other complaints. We checked his Oxygen levels on the evening of 4th June and the Oximeter started beeping. The saturation levels were low. The bells were ringing now. Again, we rushed to our doctor and he said, ”let’s admit him”. At this point, we all were truly worried.


He was now Feeling Breathless!

Kamlesh was put on Oxygen and antibiotics through IV.

COVID test taken, we were waiting for the reports. This was the longest night of our lives. 6th June, the reports came back positive. Now Kamlesh had to move out of this hospital, and into a COVID facility.

Accepting the report, settling the hospital bills, getting a bed in a COVID facility & arranging an ambulance, everything had to be done by me. Because of the pandemic, the rules have been made stricter for every walk of life.

We got a bed in one of the best COVID Facilities in Thane. Since Kamlesh now was transferred to the COVID facility, from now on he would be alone in the hospital, without any visitor or any attendant. He was under treatment of an eminent Doctor.


The Nightmare was Not Over Yet

I had to inform my society, the Municipal Authorities and most importantly, my kids.

Thane Municipal authorities were very helpful. Now our floor was sealed and my kids and I were in a 14 day Quarantine. COVID 19 had moved into my inner circle from the external till yesterday. My children and I were coping with this shock. And also wary eyes and weird behavior of few onlookers that followed.


The Greatest Lesson I Learnt – We can take Precautions but need to face Covid boldly!

Kamlesh was responding well to the treatment and was discharged from the COVID Facility on the 12th June.
Our hero defeated COVID – 19, the virus that put whole world on a slow track.

From what we went through, anyone reading this should:

1.  Remember that symptoms shown by everyone may vary. Be cautious!

2. Keep a Thermometer and an Oximeter handy at all times.

3. Keep yourself hydrated.

4. Practice Deep Breathing and Pranayam.

5. Try to sleep on your stomach to reduce breathlessness.

6. We can take precautions to avoid COVID but face it boldly.

7. It’s not a taboo, openly let everyone know. In general people are helpful and supportive, there will be a couple miscreants in the society, let them not dampen your morale during the gloomy quarantine days.

8. Do not believe everything that News channels are broadcasting.

9. Eat well; stay active and stress free. Add multivitamins to your routine.

10. Along with the patient, take care of yourself, too.

11. All expenses incurred except those on PPEs are reimbursed by Insurance Company.


Immunity Boosters and Food Tips to fight Corona

Below were some of the Immunity Boosters suggested by our Doctor

1.  Every morning on empty stomach take one glass warm water with 1/2 lemon juice, pinch of salt and pinch of turmeric powder

2.  4 Almonds and 2 walnuts

3.  2 Eggs

4.  Eat Salads

5.  Avoid fast food and especially Maida

6.  Glass of milk with turmeric powder before going to bed

7.   Keep yourself hydrated. Drink more water

8. Make it a habit of having a fruit every day. Fruits yellow in color like mango, musk melon have vitamin D, citrus fruits like lemon, orange, Fresh Lime (Mosambi) for vitamin C should be routine


Few Tips on keeping the house disinfected

There are a lot of tips on the internet to disinfect our homes to prevent Corona Virus. However, below are few things we have been doing at our home.

1.  Sanitize house and surfaces with 1 cup Bleach (Aala) and 1 cup Dettol floor cleaner in 1/2 bucket water

2. Rinse utensils with hot water

3. Soak clothes in hot water and dettol before putting them in washing machine


As shared by

Mitali Chitnis, Mumbai




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