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Why Cooking With Family Is a Great Idea



Last Saturday I was scrolling down a famous social networking site and there I saw a picture of a leading actor Akshay Kumar cooking with his kids. One could make out how much fun they were having. How many of us would agree that cooking if done in a right way and environment works as a therapy. Cooking not only gets the cook and the people being fed closer to each other but you will also understand their preferences and liking’s more than anyone else.

“Food tastes better when eaten with family”. Rightly said but I would also add to this that ‘Food tastes even better when cooked with family’. Cooking with your family just isn’t fun but is also good for a great bonding. No, you don’t need to be a great cook but how about doing simple things together  like choosing the vegetables you would like in a dish or learning how a particular spice could change the flavours in your dish. I feel with our busy schedules somewhere we have forgotten how to enjoy and appreciate the simple things in our lives.

Most couples, especially the younger lot, these days like to order out food. But cooking together in the kitchen can only strengthen your relationship. You would not only communicate but also have a lot of fun while learning a new recipe! Also you would make some great memories for times to come.

It is also time we teach our kids the true value of food. How farmers grow food, what is seasonal food all about, which vegetables are safe to be eaten raw, food hygiene and so on!! We will be surprised how much our kids will appreciate the food that is being cooked if we allow them once in a while to help us out in the kitchen. How about we try making their favourite dish with them? Baking a cake, making flavoured ice lollies or even rolling chapattis … whatever they like!! Thinking about the mess they will make – well cooking is messy and with kids even messier. But as they say a messy kitchen is a sign of happiness.

And how do our kids benefit from cooking besides having pure fun –

Physical development – hand-eye coordination skills, gross motor skills from chopping, mixing and even squeezing.
Emotional development – Patience, love and sharing all through one activity!
Even Math and Science – Right, you could even practice counting with the younger ones or division with the older ones! Where did the water evaporate from our dish or how is the oven baking our bread is actually all science!

With the festive season around why not try making these very simple ‘Date Laddoos’ with your kids,
the recipe for which is:


Dates: Half cup (nicely chopped and crushed)
Peanuts : Roasted and crushed
Milk :1-2 tbsp for binding

Just mix everything together and roll them into laddoos or any other shape they wish to.

Ruchika Goyal

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