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You Have Been Cooking Rice All Wrong!


How have you been cooking rice?

You wash it, boil it in appropriate amount of water, let it stand for some and it is ready. It even looks fluffy.


But have you tried the rub-rule after you think it is done? When you rub cooked rice against your two fingers, you will notice the grain still feels and is not a smooth rub.

Alert! This rice is not properly cooked!

If you have a little one, you need to remember that this kind of rice could cause painful tummy issues. You need to remember three rules to make your Rice not just yummy but also healthy

Rinsing Correctly


There isn’t a need to mention that rinsing rice is important but rinsing rice till the water runs clear, is vital. This helps in removing all the extra starch. Starch makes rice stick and makes cooked rice look like porridge!

Soaking for Half Hour or More


The rub-rule will consistently fail if you don’t do this. Even when you are making dal khichadi, especially for sensitive tummy (during dehydration, fever etc) you should remember to soak the mix and allow it to stand for minimum half hour.

Rules for boiling


If you are cooking rice in a pan, it should have a heavy bottom. Water must come to a boil and then rice should be covered with a lid that does not shift. It is important for rice to soak all the water to become fluffy and retain its aroma. More so because sieving extra water makes rice lose important nutrients. If you are using a cooker, make sure water first comes to a boil, releases some steam before you put the whistle on. The science behind this is that air in the cooker needs to be released so the rice cooks properly in steam.

Enjoy the lovely aroma of perfectly cooked rice!




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